Baliguian Island Water & Sanitation Global Grant Project

Baliguian Island is a small but isolated island off the fishing town of Concepcion in the Philippines. It takes about a 2 to 3-hour boat ride to get to the island. There are about a thousand inhabitants  that live on the Island. There is no electricity there and their way of life is fishing or crabbing. 

 Clean water and sanitation on the island is a luxury for most islanders. Because of their lack of a clean water and sanitation system,  the Rotary of Kapolei is planning on doing an international Clean Water and Sanitation (WASH) project for Baliguian Island. 

Where is Baliguian Island? 

Balguian Island is located off the fishing town of Concepcion. To get there we have to travel by car for 3 hours from the city of Iloilo. Then from the town we have to take a boat ride  to the island for another 2 to 3 hours. 

The island is out in the open seas. The size of the island is comparable to the size of a shopping center. 

Baliguian Island is the furthest island off the coast of Concepcion. It takes about a 2-3 hour boat ride to get there and is out in the open seas. During the typhoon season (usually June till November) traveling to Baliguian is dangerous and all means of travel to the island is closed. 
Here are some stats regarding Baliguian Island:  

  • About 1000 Islanders live on the island
  • Over 200 families
  • The main source of food and income is fishing
  • 2-3 hour boat ride to get to the island
  • There is no clean, drinking water and sanitation on the island
  • No electricity, roads, and Internet
  • 2 homes only have bathrooms
Our goal is to build a Water and Sanitation (WASH) for  Baliguian island. We have submitted a global grant for this project number GG 2096075. 
This project  will help improve the lives of the islanders and bring about economic growth. 
Below are some picture we took during our trip to the island in early 2019. We will be going back to visit the island in the early part of 2020 and your are invited to come along. 
We would like to talk about this project with your club. Please email me or my son Virgil.

Please check out our pictures below:


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